No.85 : Good Advice
No.85 : Good Advice, robot comic, robot webcomic
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I hate that it's good advice, but it usually is


So it’s actually been quite awhile since I drew this comic, but this is for Jons Crazy Stuff and a special thing Jon does called the “Crazy Cartoon Experiment”. This is the 4th time he’s done this, and I wanted to be a part. The subject matter this time was “exploding underwear”, and we as comickers (hopefully I’m using that term correctly) were to submit a comic using our own take on the subject. Since robots in my comic don’t wear underpants, it took a bit of thinking to come up with a way to fit that subject matter in … as well as trying to keep it clean, which is something I strive to do. I’m pretty happy with the way the comic came out.

It’s funny because it seems so ridiculous, but that advice really does work a lot of the time. Hey, guess what, I’m this week’s spotlight at the Webcomic Underdogs! I look forward to hearing a lot of valuable feedback, I KNOW there are a lot of things about the comic and especially the website need attention.