Nate Nate Moss (NMOS for short) is just an ordinary robot trying to make it in life. The story starts with Nate having a job as a programmer, but is laid off because his job is outsourced. As the story unfolds, Nate will proceed along a humorous journey of self discovery, constantly stumbling because of the illogical way that real people act around him. Nate was designed and assembled by an average guy by the name of Bob Moss, and has a brother named Pete. For the true nerd, Nate's name is a play on words. NMOS is a type of transitor that has the following disadvantages (just like Nate):
  • a slow transition from low to high
  • very susceptible to noise
  • whenever it's idle, it still needs a lot of power
Harvey Harvey is Nate's friend and former coworker. Harvey understands Nate better than any of his other friends. Harvey is an accomplished programmer, and kept his job when Nate was laid off. While he's a good guy, Harvey is not very exciting.
Joe Joe is the bartender at the local bar "Gears", where everybody always wants to know your url... Joe always keeps a couple of quarts of Nate's favorite motor oil handy. Gears is not your normal bar, and more of a hang out for misfits.
Clint Clint is a frequent visitor at the local bar "Gears", always providing useless information. He's a postal worker, and shares some striking resemblance to another famous postal worker hanging out in a bar.
Chana Chana Moss (CMOS for short) is Nate's robot wife, a beautiful piece of machinery that always knows what is right (and makes sure everyone knows too). Chana is a second generation robot, the daughter of FerdiNAND and EliNORA Logic, two older style robots from before legged technology. For the true nerd, Chana's name is also a play on words. CMOS is a type of transistor that has the following advantages:
  • has smaller dimensions (and you should fear ever saying anything different to her!)
  • uses less energy to get the same job done
FerdiNAND FerdiNAND Logic is Chana's father, an older styled wheeled robot that wants nothing more than his daughter to be treated right. FerdiNAND is old school, and behaves very much as someone brought up in a different generation. As are almost all the names, FerdiNAND is also a play on words. NAND is a type of logic gate, and has the property of functional completeness. That is to say that any other logic function can be implemented solely using NAND gates.
Bob Moss Bob Moss is Nate's "dad" (aka, creator). Bob is just an average guy that managed to put together some parts in an extraordinary way. We'll learn more about Bob as the story unfolds.