A long and hard journey...

I'm Jim Haas, and I'm trying my hand at at a webcomic. If you're not a friend, and you've stumbled on this page, I hope you enjoy what you find. I'm not in it for anything other than the joy and pride of seeing my accomplishments on the net, and hopefully I can get a giggle from at least a few readers. At the moment, I only have Nate the Robot up and running, but in the future I hope to have a few more. I love robots, and so there's a strong robot theme that will be seen in all of my comics.
I have no formal art training whatsoever, and my day job is a software engineer. I attended Purdue Universerity and have a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. Later, I attended University of Louisville, and got my masters degree in EE as well. Nate the Robot all started from the single joke that popped in my head in reading about engineers losing jobs to outsourcing. It made me remember how as a kid, people thought that robots were going to eliminate jobs.
Within the next few days, I had written over 50 comics about Nate and his misfortunes, but then those ideas just sat there in a file buried in My Documents for quite some time. I finally motivated myself enough to get started, but I had no idea how to do anything, and without planning it's easy to lose motivation. You'll notice that I only popped out 14 comics over the first 8 months, and then two years passed with no updates at all. I was incredibly frustrated with the digital art process, it seemed to take forever to get anything accomplished.
In 2012, I had a false start on motivation in February, but I was able to overcome the hurdle and have been tolerably consistent on weekly updates since September of that that year. The secret was taking the time to overcome the learning hurdles of digital art, and in reality, just realizing how out of practice I was. I made myself some panel templates, penciled and inked by hand, and colored using Manga Studio EX 4. Later, I began using Sketchbook Pro on the iPad to draw the comics 100% digitally. Now, I use a Windows 8 tablet with a Wacom digitizer to draw. I still use Sketchbook Pro. Once you get used to a software, it's hard to change.
I think the most exciting development in the course of this webcomic's life came when a fledgling group of roboticists contacting me after starting up a high quality news site named Robohub, and invited me to contribute humor to their site. It is such an honor and priviledge to be able to post comics to their site, as they are doing the jobs I always dreamed of.

Who IS Nate the Robot?

Nate the Robot is a story about a robot trying to make it in a human world. It's not easy being metal! And it's especially not easy trying to deal with relationships when you're a robot. Nate's life is often full of misfortunes, but like all robots, Nate trudges through the problems doing his best.

About this website

On my last note, I stumbled on the ASP web comic script "Comic.NET" after eons of searching for one on the internet. I don't see that any active development has been done on it for several years, but I'd like to thank the authors for their generous content. The project seems to now be defunct.

How to contact me

Send your comments, questions, fan art and requests to:
The costs for this webcomic are small, but should you feel the desire to donate, I promise that it will be completely used to cover the expenses involved.